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Mana - The Mind
Alaya - The House or The Nest

The word 'Manalaya' defines itself. The meaning of this word is hidden in itself and makes it very clear that Manalaya deals with 'The Mind'.

According to Manalaya, out of the thousand definitions, the perfect definition of Mind is 'a continous flow of thoughts'. At Manalaya, we teach you how to control these thoughts and move ahead with the acheiving of your aim, as these various thoughts keep distracting us. And this is only possible when we know what mind exactly is or how does it work i.e. the study of mind. We at Manalaya are using Hypnotism with Indian Science like Yoga to study mind and control these thoughts, with simple techniques.

About Dermatoglyphics TechnologyLooking at the technical definition of Mind, i.e. the working procedure of brain, we find that Mind and Brain have a close relationship with each other. So, if we want to use the power of Mind we must enhance the power of our Brain. And Brain knows only positive language. Hence, it is very essential to use every suggestion positively. At Manalaya, we teach the proper way of auto suggestions. To have a deep and long-lasting impact of suggestions we teach you the scientific method to articulate the 'AUM'. Which also helps to improve our impact of speech on others. Natural Breathing is another interesting technique taught at Manalaya. It has been proven clinically that the cause of many psycho-somatic illnesses is improper breathing. We teach you the natural way of breathing to control diseases like Blood Pressure, Diabetis, Insommnia, Anxiety, Depression, etc. Pranayama or control on breathing helps us achieve peace of mind, long life and controlled thought process. Proper use of 'words' is also very important thing to control the working procedure of brain. If exact or proper use of words or language is not made in auto-suggestions then it may not produce the desired result.

Then we come to the two types of personalities a person has viz. Physical and Psychological. To improve your Physical personality we have many options like going to a beauty saloon or spa, gyms and wear good clothes to look better, etc. But, to improve psychological personality, only institutes like MANALAYA will help you in a proper and scientific way.

The Founder Of Manalaya - Dr. Charudatt Ranadive

About Dr. Charudatt
Graduated in the year 1987, Dr. Charudatt participated in various social camps, from 1991 to 1993, where he came across the topic called HYSTERIA. As he was curious to know more about it, he started studying it and learnt that hysteria is a state of Trance (being Hypnotised). Then he read all available books on Hypnotism and started self practice as no university course was available. While studying hypnotism, he had read so many books, including the books on Psychology, that increased his knowledge about human behaviour. He even started conducting small hypnotism stage shows and guest lectures in schools, colleges and clubs.

As his knowledge and experience increased along the years, he started conducting Self Hypnotism workshops for individuals and later on for Groups and Organisations. In the year 2000, he came to know about the Indian Board Of Alternative Medicines at Calcutta. He contacted them and appeared for the exam for Hypnotherapist. And since 2001 is practicing Hypnotherapy.

  • Bachelor in Alternative System of Medicine.
  • Has been conducting 'Hypnotism Stage Shows' since past 25 years.
  • Well known Personal, Family and General Counsellor
  • Known for his simple method of teaching
  • Well known for combining modern and ancient techniques
  • Has written a number of articles in newspaper on personality development, Hypnosis, Self hypnosis and the uses of the power of mind in daily routine. Has given several lecturers in Social Clubs, Workshops, Management Institutes, Schools & Colleges on Personality Development, Stress Management, Self - Hypnosis, etc.
  • Has studied the most important age group i.e. from 14 to 30 yrs, in detail from psychological point of view.
  • One of the renouned Hypno-Counsellor and Hypnotherapist in the region.
  • Has helped thousands of people from the age group of 8 to 60 yrs to come out of various psychological problems
  • Has conducted more than 500 personal and open workshops on Self Hypnotism
  • Has even hosted a radio show on Dream Analysis called "Swapnanchi Duniya", for 2 years at 91.9 Apla FM, Sangli.
About Dermatoglyphics TechnologyThe year 2012 started with a big bang in Kolhapur, as Dr.Charudatt Ranadive created history by Hypnotising 310 people in deep hypnotic stage and entered his name in India Book Of Records, on the 4 th January , at Chhtrapati Shivaji Stadium Kolhapur. Arrangement was made of 12 blocks measuring 28 feet by 28 feet, with a capacity of 150 participants in each block. Around 1000 people participated in this event, out of which 310 people reached deep trance stage. Mr. Vishwadeep Roy Chaudhary of India Book Of Records was present to adjudicate this event and on the successful completion of the minimum target of 250 people Dr.Charudatt was awarded with a Certificate and Momemto. Thousands of people witnessed and enjoyed the event. Dr.Charudatt skillfully glued the audience till the end of the event.

MegaHypnotism by Dr.Charudatt has become the first record of the year 2012 to be registered in India Book Of Records. Dr.Charudatt is the first person to open the segment of Hypnotism in all the record books of the world.

On 10th Oct 2013, Asia Book Of Records (USA) also certified this record on an International Level.

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